Crystal IS


Cystal IS develops the most effective and efficient UVC LEDs in the industry. They needed a brand identity that reflected their evolution from an R&D company to a thought leader and innovator in the industry. 

Crystal IS is a U.S.-based manufacturer of high-performance LEDs that emit UV energy. These LEDs are integrated into customers’ products to sterilize and disinfect water, air and surfaces in a variety of applications. Additionally, these LEDs can be used as light sources for scientific and industrial instrumentation applications.

After nearly 15 years of R&D, Crystal IS has made a major push to integrate their LED technology into various markets—healthcare, food production, water treatment, laboratory services and environmental sensing—for disinfection and measurement.

Without touching Crystal IS's core logo, id29 created a visual and illuminating brand for a company that creates products that don't operate in the visual light spectrum. 


For their disinfection products, Crystal IS needed an ownable and visceral way to present their products as solutions to specific infection-causing bacteria. Healthcare officials and product designers are keenly aware of the primary causes of hospital acquired infections, so we developed 3D renderings of these bacteria to highlight the pathogenic problem and Crystal IS's UVC LED disinfection properties.